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City Hotel
City Hotel
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IMPORTANT NOTICE! Danny Travel Inc. respects your privacy and will NEVER sell or distribute your personal information to anyone, for any reason.
Most hotels if reserved solely need credit card guarantee or 1 night deposit which is fully refundable if room is cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival. Some special rates need earlier cancellation notice or may not be refundable at all. Please ask about these rules when booking.

These luxury properties are members of an elite group of hotels that offer an exceptionally high degree of service and hospitality. They display an original design, elegant room décor, exceptional dining and meticulous grounds. The flawless execution of guest services is the staff’s primary concern.


These superior properties distinguish themselves with a high level of service and hospitality, as well as a wide variety of amenities and upscale facilities. A well-integrated design, stylized room décor, excellent restaurant facilities and landscaped ground are all present.

These properties offer a high level of service with additional amenities, features and facilities. The property grounds, décor and quality of furnishings are a noticeable upgrade in terms of style and class. Most properties feature restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Room service availability may vary.

These properties meet a traveler’s basic needs for comfort and convenience while offering moderate aesthetic enhancements in the property grounds, room décor and quality of furnishings. Some may offer limited restaurant service, however room service is usually not provided.

These properties meet a budget-traveler’s basic needs for comfort and convenience. They tend to be located near major attractions and provide clean guest rooms. Many of them do not have restaurants.
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