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Plan ahead

Not all the seats on the plane sell for the same fare. There are a lot of different fare types with specific rules and regulations. The cheapest seats usually sell out very quickly. Some published fares differ by advance purchase restriction. Tickets with 21-day advance purchase are usually the least expensive. The most expensive are fares with no advance purchase restriction. For peak travel dates (Christmas, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Labor Day, Presidents Day etc.), buy tickets few months in advance.

For international travel, traveling on weekends usually costs more than Mondays-Thursdays. For domestic travel, least expensive travel days are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Check travel documents

Always make sure your passport is valid. Some countries require that passport be valid at least 6 months after your arrival. If you never traveled abroad, please apply for new passport soon.

Please check with the travel agent and with embassy/consulate of the country you plan to visit, if you need entry visa. Travel agents and airlines are not responsible for your passport and visas. Airport staff has the right to deny any traveler if travel documents are not complete. That will only delay your travel and expose you to additional rebooking fees. Infants under 2 years old should have a valid passport for all international trips. For domestic, copy of the birth certificate is required.

Seat assignment

Always ask for seat assignment in advance. This is especially important when airlines overbook their flights during high season. Then, passengers with seat assignment are the least likely to be bumped out. Travel agent will do everything possible to accommodate you. Do not ask for exit row seats since they are most of the time blocked for check-in only or for VIP frequent flyers. Bulkhead seats are for passengers with infants.

Travel agent will request a bassinet if your infant is under 6 months old, although they are not guaranteed to confirm.


Basic wheelchairs are provided upon request and availability to people who have difficulty walking, mostly elderly. It is free of charge.

Unfortunately, many passengers take advantage of this service and wish to use it for wrong reasons. This service may not be used for people who don't speak the language and are afraid to transfer at airports.

Unaccompanied minors

Children that are between 5 and 12 years of age may travel alone if accompanied by someone 18 or over or if unaccompanied minor service is requested.

In such cases, we recommend that you choose one airline for the whole trip. It is cheaper and safer for children. Children traveling alone may not qualify for child discount so they always pay full fare (as adults). Service fee is additional, and usually runs between $100 and $150 per direction per child. Two siblings traveling together pay only one fee.


International limit is 1piece to check and 1 piece for carry-on. Checked baggage may weight maximum 50lb (23kg). Each piece volume may not exceed 62 inches (158cm) as sum of the three dimensions (length + height + width).

1 piece of carry-on may weight maximum 18lb (8kg) and have maximum volume dimension of 45 inches (115cm).

These are most common weight and size limit. But, some airlines may have different regulations. Please check with the airline prior to your departure either by phone or on their website.

Reconfirm flights

Airlines reserve rights to change the schedules and/or cancel flights. Please call the airline 3 days prior to your flight and check departure time. You may also visit airline's website and access your reservation with last name and booking number.

Please always leave your contact phone numbers and email when making reservation so we or the airline may contact you.

Check-in early

Please arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to international flights. Check-in closes 60 minutes before flight departure.


This is common problem with all airlines during peak travel dates. Airlines calculate how many ticketed passengers will not show up and they sell more seats than they actually have. If all show up, chaos is created since everybody has confirmed reservations.

Travel agency has no control over that. We suggest you make seat assignments in advance and arrive at the airport early to avoid possible conflict with airline.

All denied passengers due to overbooking are responsibility of the airline. All will be rerouted same day or next on the same airline or their partner. Involuntary rebookings are subject to airline's rules and priorities.

Frequent flyers

Like the name says, airlines reward passengers who travel often. Do not expect much from the program if you travel occasionally or if you change airlines all time trying to get the best deal. Joining frequent flyer program is free. Try to open the account with airline that serves your destination. Most airlines belong to alliances so opening an account with only one airline within the same alliance will be enough. Then, you can accrue mileage by flying on all airlines within the same alliance.

Please tell your frequent flyer number when making reservations. You will accrue mileage only by flying, not by buying tickets for someone else.

Always keep copies of your boarding passes and e-tickets since that would be your proof of travel. Travel agent does not keep copies of your travel records and may charge you additional fee for the extra work done.


Itinerary that accompanies your ticket is your invoice. Keep that if you're going to need it later for reimbursement or for tax return purposes. Travel agency will charge service fee to retrieve old information. If you need separate invoice, please request it when you pay for the ticket.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you to protect your travel investment. An unforeseen accident or illness can ruin a trip. Missing a vacation is bad enough. Losing the money is even worse.

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